Good news for those who must be connected to the internet anytime and anywhere.  Egg sized Wifi in your pocket or handbag at your convenience. KT’s Olleh WiBro Egg is now available in Daegu.

Essentially, the Egg is a personal wireless router that connects up to 7 wireless devices including laptops, smart phones, P2P, and tablet PCs.  The new compact design of the Egg is sleek and easy to use with only two buttons and three LED indicator lights.   With optimal conditions, the fast download rates are 802.11 b/g/n.  The battery lasts up to 4 hours, but the USB cable enables charging while in use.

KT is offering a Free Wibro Egg promotion (30 Gigs) for only ₩5,000/month. This one year contract is for those who have an existing KT Olleh smart phone contract with a minimum ₩55,000 plan.  Check out the KT shop off the Sawol subway station for more details.

WiBro 4G mini Egg Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, sleep function, fast downloads, fast uploads, long battery life, works well with all wifi enabled devices, and great promotions available.
WiBro 4G mini Egg Cons: Get’s warm/hot, works only under ideal conditions.