Living in any foreign country can be challenging especially if you don’t speak the language.  Life is all about relationships.  That’s why it’s so important to find a community that suits you.  Life is short, so make the most valuable and memorable use of your time here by meeting the right people and making the most of it.  In the meantime, use this site to find necessary and important information about living in Daegu.

When taking care of the services mentioned below, take a Korean speaking friend along for easier and faster service.

Important Services for Foreigners


Alien Registration & Identification (ID) Card
Moving and Changing Address
Korean Visa Status Changes
Extending Your Stay in Korea

Driving in Daegu
Driving in Daegu, Korea
Registering Your Vehicle in Korea

Birth Certificates & Declaration of Birth
Getting Married in Korea & International Marriage

Banking and Communication
Opening a Bank Account in Korea
Communication & Getting a Cellphone in Korea


Finding a Place to Live in Korea
Medical Services

Daegu Hospitals Directory

Daegu Colleges and Universities Directory
Daegu Libraries
Children’s Education (K – 12)
Offices of Education in Daegu

Garbage Disposal
Learn Korean