Watching Netflix in Korea can be frustrating when you’re jonzing for some good ol’ American movies or shows. Luckily, there’s a work around to getting Netflix to work here. In this simple guide I’ll walk you through the steps to getting everything you need to get Netflix streaming on your computer or TV.

Step 1. Sign up for a VPN service. We highly recommend 12vpn if you don’t already have access to a vpn network.  12 vpn is fast, cheap, reliable, and very easy to use.  Ok..but what is a vpn?  VPN’s also known as Virtual Private Network is a network that uses  the Internet to provide remote traveling users an access to a central organizational network. Basically, it will allow you to specify a location so you won’t get blocked.  In this case you would choose a VPN server from the United States to access Netflix streams.  12vpn accounts cost $79/year you can try it out for 7-days to see whether its worth dishing out the cash.  Get your vpn here.

Step 2. After you sign up for the vpn account follow the directions on how to use it.  (You’ll want to first launch your vpn because Netflix doesn’t allow you to stream when you are outside of the United States.)

Step 3. Launch your vpn and sign up for a Netflix account if you don’t already have one.

Step 4. Login to your Netflix account while using the vpn connection.

Step 5. Make some popcorn and start streaming!